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Project Description
Live Patterns provides patterns like implementing Notify Proprety Changed from any type at runtime.


  • Audit: Audits every member access
  • Disable: Disables specific functionality on an instance
  • Implement: Implements an interface with empty members
  • LoadBalance: Loads balance among multiple instances
  • Multicast: Works as a proxy for multiple instances
  • NotifyPropertyChanged: Implements INotifyPropertyChanged
  • Override: Runtime overriding of methods
  • Snapshot: Create a read-only snapshot of an instance


Implementing INotifyPropertyChanged at runtime:

IArticle article = Build.NotifyPropertyChanged<IArticle>(DataContext.Repository<IArticle>().Get("first"));
viewModelPresenter.DataContext = article;
article.Title = "Changed Title";

Code Quality

  • Passes Microsoft Managed Recommended Rules without any warnings
  • Visual Studio standard coding style
  • All public members and parameters are documented

Documentation and samples

Here you can find the documentation with samples for each method.

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